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CORONAVIRUSUPDATE 1.5 Million infected over 50,000 Cremated already says whistle blower #WUHAN

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PLEASE HELP THE CHANNEL BY SHARING ON FACEBOOK OR WHERE EVER YOU CAN!!! CORONAVIRUS UPDATE! VERY BAD NEWS! WHISTLE BLOWERS SAYS 1.5MILLION INFECTED WELL OVER 50K CREMATED!! #LINKSBELOW The whistle blower #MilesGuo who had to seek refuge in America after whistle blowing on the actions of the communist government, has more bad news to share! The entire country of China has begun to go under quarantine as 250 million people are already told to stay off the streets! 49 morgues with crematories have been burning bodies 24 hours a days for close to a month, cremating Well over 1200 bodies...
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